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Twilight – Artistic Director and Choreographer,  Igal Perry

Twlight was originally commissioned in 2005 for the dancers of Joffrey II. Set to a selection of Chopin’s Etudes and Nocturnes, the work breaks down classical traditional lines into imaginative partnering sequences that produce a realm of deep, expansive contemporary movement. This work embodies the myriad of textures that are famous in Chopin’s music and is a testament to Perry’s pure, intelligent, and elegant interpretation of the music. 

(Title TBD) – Artistic Director and Choreographer, Igal Perry

Perry’s new work offers an intimate portrait of three men. With his unique sense of musicality and sweeping movement, this new creation will mark Perry’s 2020 addition to a rich body of over 75 creations since the inauguration of the Company in 1984. The cast will include guest artist and company alumnus, Craig Dionne, who currently dances with Complexions Contemporary Dance Company.