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A Letter from Igal Perry

For 40 years, PCDC has dedicated itself to presenting dynamic and virtuosic performance, amplifying diverse artistic voices, and providing sustainable social engagement for our NYC community. We have worked to advance this mission through thoughtful commissions, and robust public and educational programming. 


In celebrating this milestone, we are not only reflecting back on years of artistic vigor, but also dreaming forward towards a vision of a more collaborative contemporary dance field. To fuel this growth, we are launching the largest single fundraising drive in our history: The Rise Campaign.


By contributing to the Rise Campaign, you join an international network of dance lovers who champion artistic opportunity and value both the preservation and the development of choreographic voices. Together, we can rise up, and propel PCDC into the next 40 years with strength, vitality, and momentum.

With gratitude,


Igal Perry, Artistic Director

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Rise Campaign

THE               CAMPAIGN


$40K    +    $40K



January - June 2023

July - December 2023

Our First Goal 

Uniting and honoring the Legacy of the entire Peridance community, our 40th Anniversary aims to give back to all those who have shaped us. The first $40K of the Rise Campaign will directly support the costs of the Legacy Season and the celebrations that bring generations of Peridance together.

Our Second Goal 

The next $40K of the Rise campaign will contribute to the creation and implementation of PCDC RISE:  Our strategic vision. Guided by Igal Perry and company leadership, this vision harnesses PCDC’s role as an international repertory company to bring together and create opportunities for contemporary dance artists.

Choose Donation

You can select where to direct your gift on the donation page! Hover for more information about each option:

Creation of New Work

Often serving as a launchpad for artists, PCDC has commissioned over 27 new works in just the past decade. Facilitating the creative process and amplifying the voices of diverse choreographic voices is crucial to our mission.

Re-staging Repertory

Once an artist sets work on PCDC, we are committed to increasing  its longevity and exposure by re-staging it over the years. As a repertory company, we believe that sustaining work is just as important as creating it.

Dancer Salaries

Each year, our largest expense is 

compensating our dancers for their unparalleled work. Our dancers define us, and their pay is the basis for all that we do. If you would like to sponsor a specific dancer, please contact our development team

Public Programs

Increasing access to dance performance and education is essential to PCDC's mission. We cultivate programs like DanceBreak, and aim to develop new opportunities for community engagement through the Youth Ensemble.


As an international company, we are dedicated to sharing our work with global audiences. Increasing both access to contemporary dance and the company’s exposure, touring is necessary for the company’s continued growth and excellence.

Admin & Operations

The administrative and operational systems in  place behind the scenes are vital to fulfilling PCDC’s artistic vision. Our artistic ambitions are only possible if they have the organizational structures sturdy enough to hold them.

Wherever its needed most

All of these categories are interconnected and dependent. If overwhelmed by choices, you can also choose to allocate your gift wherever it is needed most!

Make a one-time or monthly tax-deductible donation today and receive exclusive benefits. 
You can also check to see if your employer has a matching gift program to double your donation!

  • Special recognition on our website

  • Special recognition in programs and on our website

  • Previous benefits

  • Discounted Merchandise

  • Invitations to exclusive special events

  • Previous benefits

  • Signed season poster from the dancers

  • Invitations to exclusive special events

PCDC Front Row a giving circle in which members enjoy an exclusive relationship with the company, and access to community events for top supporters. The benefits and invitations are good for up to one year from the date the donation was made depending on the level of membership

Bronze Member
$1,000 +
Silver Member
$2,500 +
Platinum Member
$10,000 +
Gold Member
$5,000 +
  • Lasts for one season after the date of gift

  • Access to front row seats

  • Special recognition in programs and website

  • Signed season poster from the dancers

  • 5 free classes at Peridance Center for you or a loved one

  • Invitations to Pre-Show Receptions, Open Rehearsals, and other private events for top supporters

  • Lasts for one season after the date of gift

  • All previous benefits

  • Coffee talk with a dancer

  • Lasts for one year after the  date of gift

  • All previous benefits

  • 7 free classes at Peridance Center for you or a loved one

  • Coffee talk with a collaborating artist

  • Lasts for one year after the date of gift

  • All previous benefits

  • 10 free classes at Peridance Center for you or a loved one

  • Coffee talk with Igal Perry

Questions about Donor Benefits or PCDC Front Row? Email our development team.

Dedicate  your donation in memory of a loved one, and their name will be added to our Angel Circle, a group of tributes specially recognized in our programs and online. Simply check the box to dedicate your donation and write the name of your in-memoriam tribute on the donation form above. 

Donor Benefits

Donor Benefits
"Intimate Voices" by Igal Perry.

Connect your legacy to PCDC’s by supporting the Company during your life and beyond.

Planned and estate gifts including,

  • appreciated stock donations

  • charitable trusts (remainder and lead)

  • gifts of retirement plan assets

provide reliable support for PCDC while offering tax advantages and even income to the donor. The Infinity Circle – named after Igal Perry’s work Infinity (2014) – celebrates the generosity of patrons who make and share such plans with the Company. We would be pleased to work with you and your advisors to imagine and structure a gift that achieves your charitable goals and creates an intersection of your legacy and PCDC.

In return for such support, we gratefully welcome you as a member of The Infinity Circle, where you’ll enjoy access to special events and recognition.

Planned Giving with The Infinity Circle

Planned Giving

Become a PCDC Advocate and volunteer to support the company through in-person engagements, social media outreach, and more!

Join PCDC's Corporate Sponsorship program and receive exclusive benefits to help you reach your target audiences through digital and printed marketing and in-person communications!

Spread the work! PCDC is always open to new connections and community. One of the best ways to support the company is by helping us reach more patrons, collaborators, and more!

Fire Island Dance Festival 2017-Peridance Contemporary Dance Company-photo by Whitney Brow

Additional Ways to Give

Additional Ways to Give

We aim to be transparent in our financial data, for records on our past tax returns, visit  ProPublica's Nonprofit Explorer HERE.


Peridance Contemporary Dance Company (legal name The Peridance Ensemble LTD)

is a 501(c)3 organization with a tax ID 13-3236256.

All donations are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law.

The Company's fiscal year ends on June 30th.


Contact or call 212-505-0886 with questions.

If your donation comes from your 

Donor-Advised Fund your check should be payable to:

Peridance Contemporary Dance Company
126 East 13th Street
New York, NY 10003 

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