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Dancers in Igal Perry's Intervals in a weight sharing lunging lift



Music: Arvo Pärt

Costumes: Erica Johnston

3 Dancers, 6 minutes

 We often experience life as a continuous stream of events, which seem to present themselves in a circular, repetitive manner. But prevalent within this perpetual motion are the Intervals - the unexpected encounters, the moments of contemplation, which often drive us to change our course.



Choreography: Igal Perry
Music: Maurice Ravel 
12 Dancers, 16 minutes

Bolero was first created on the Batsheva Dance Company in 1983 for a special evening with the Israel Philharmonic. Since then, Perry has also set the work on other companies such as Companhia de Danca de Lisboa (Portugal) and Alberta Ballet (Canada). PCDC premiered Bolero at Riverside Dance Festival in 1986 and it has been a staple of the company ever since.

Dancers in Igal Perry's Bolero, facing forward and back, one arm reaching up and the other out. PC Liz Schneider-Cohen



Original Music: Amit Weiner 

Costumes: Erica Johnston
12 Dancers, 25 minutes

This work embodies the contradictions inherent in the motion of oceans, which attack and retreat and simultaneously separate and connect the lands they engulf. In line with its title, the work dares to be vast, powerful and ever-shifting, both turbulent and calm, using the entire company to flood the stage with rippling and crashing patterns.

Dancers in Igal Perry's Oceans in an assisted passé jump wearing all shades of blue
Dancers in Igal Perry's Twilight in a partner lift, the one lifted in an attitude postition


[Revived 2020]

Music: Frédéric Chopin 

Costumes: Erica Johnston
6 Dancers, 20 minutes

Twilight was originally commissioned in 2005 for the dancers of Joffrey II and has been reimagined on Peridance today.This work embodies the myriad of textures that are famous in Chopin’s compositions and is a testament to Perry’s pure and elegant interpretation of the music.

Perfection Has No Dreams (Meditation on the Imperfections of Life)


Original music and texts: Ofer Bashan
“Stabat Mater”: classic 13th century text 
Costumes: Erica Johnston
16 Dancers 

Dancers in Igal Perry's Perfection Has No Dreams in a weight sharing suspended life, one dancer in an attitude toward group
Dancers in Igal Perry's Gran Partita in a clump reaching their arms in all different directions

Gran Partita


Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
12 Dancers, 40 minutes 



Original Music and Text:  Ofer Bashan 
Live Musicians: String Quartet from New Asia Chamber Music Society: Violins - Deborah Song,

I-Jung Huang; Viola - Andy Lin;

Cello - Nan-Cheng Chen
8 Dancers

Dia-Mono-Logues explores the ways in which people subconsciously project their own prejudices and preconceived notions onto others, affecting every interaction and relationship.

Dancers in Igal Perry's Dia-Mono-Logues in a circle throwing a piece of clothing toward the ceiling
Dancers in Igal Perry's Thundering Silence alternating facing forward and side in contracted position

Thundering Silence


Music: Vladimir Martynov 
Costumes: Keiko Voltaire
12 Dancers, 24 Minutes

Inspired by the music's audible silence and suspense, this work moves the dancers gradually - and at times abruptly - into a web of oscillating extremes, highlighting the differences as well as the utmost correlation between loudness and its nemesis: silence.



Music: Ludwig Van Beethoven - 
Piano Sonata No. 29 in B Flat Major, Op. 106, "Hammerklavier": III. Adagio sostenuto
Costumes: Jaime Torres
8 Dancers, 17 Minutes

Inspired by the striking images of rural landscapes frequent in Salvador Dali’s paintings, Infinity depicts the delicate vulnerability of the human image against a background of vast, open spaces, amplifying the timbre of the music’s sustained and often haunting passages.

Dancers in Igal Perry's Infinity in a suspended arched back position
Dancers in Igal Perry's Conflicted Terrain one facing right and one facing left. PC Monica Lou

Conflicted Terrain


Music: Henryk Górecki's "String Quartet #3"  
Run Time: 18 minutes
Number of dancers: 7
Costumes: Matthew Griffin
7 Dancers, 18 Minutes

This work features an on-stage string quartet placed on four movable panels. The relationships and dynamics between the performers morph as the dancers and musicians advance through ever-changing patterns.

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