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Peridance Contemporary Dance Company (PCDC), founded by renowned choreographer, Igal Perry, is a repertory company with unwavering commitment to creative collaboration and sustainable social engagement. PCDC works nationally and internationally to amplify both emerging and established artistic voices and to create visionary performance based in care, vigor, and innovation. Guided by core values of


Support for Artists,                  Access to Dance for All,         and Community Engagement,   


PCDC is dedicated to expansive public programming, educational partnerships, and inclusive and equitable processes for all collaborating dancers, choreographers, composers, musicians, and designers.


Support For Artists
We believe it is critical to give emerging choreographers a platform to share their new work. We work to provide a fair, inclusive, creative, and intellectually stimulating outlet for high-caliber dancers, choreographers, composers, musicians, and designers. We seek to collaborate, inviting opinions and perspectives that enrich the creative processes among all of our artists. 


Access to Dance For All

 We are dedicated to providing engagement points for new and returning dance audiences, including Q&As, open rehearsals, and an array of educational opportunities for all students, including those in underserved communities and schools.

Community Engagement

We are committed to being a New York City-based repertory company. We believe the vibrancy of the city positively influences the creative environment of the Company, and we strive to influence the city through our engagement with people through dance. We love our city.





We believe that diversity helps us thrive and create a culture of acceptance and unity that will inspire a safe, inclusive, and creative work environment.



Thus, we collaborate openly with all members of our community and pursue equity and fairness within every interaction and decision. We seek diversity in dancers, staff and board, as well as In the audiences we serve and inspire. We are committed to uplift and eliminate boundaries for those who strive for excellence and to use dance as a means to build otherwise unforeseen connections between people of all socioeconomic backgrounds, identities, and walks of life .


In fulfillment of our mission to work and collaborate with ALL artists and serve ALL audiences, these values guide us.

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