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an Outreach Program for K-12 Students

Students and Dancer sitting in a circle at the DanceBreak workshop with Dance to Unite

DanceBreak is an arts-in-education outreach initiative that brings PCDC Company dancers into local NYC schools, making contemporary dance accessible to all students.  DanceBreak is driven by the belief that contemporary dance offers a unique way to connect with ourselves and each other, no matter our stories or differences. It provides access to high-caliber dance education for historically underserved NYC Public School students with the goal to inspire and guide students in developing their own creativity through movement. PCDC is committed to serving the growing need for arts education in public schools. Through DanceBreak, students cultivate life-long skills through self-expression and exploration.

DanceBreak has served over 1,500 children in the
Tri-State Area since 2016.

"Peridance Contemporary Dance Company brought dance, but so much more to our school assembly. Our students were completely engaged from start to finish, and even had the opportunity to participate as audience members, connecting with both their bodies and with their minds. Thank you, Peridance!" 

                 Katie Miller / PS87 Enrichment Committee Co-Chair

"I loved that each coordinator made us feel comfortable and allowed us to add our own ideas and moves in order to get a great overall experience."

                   DanceBreak Student

DanceBreak brings an inclusive dance experience to NYC students –  calling on their innate influences, individuality, and creativity to engage the principles of dance training.

PS 140
University Settlement  
PS 132X
Rye Country Day School
British International School
PS 87 
Long Island High School for the Arts Westchester Square Academy


Providing insight into life as a professional dancer, PCDC teaching artists lead students in learning company repertory, modern technique, somatic awareness, and creative composition


Partnering schools can select from three DanceBreak options** to provide the best experience for their students:

Students posing for a photo during a PCDC DanceBreak Workshop

1)  Workshop

[45 - 120 minutes; ideal for open rooms]


PCDC dancers lead students in a workshop that consists of three parts: 

  • a creative warm-up that activates the student's body, imagination, and spatial awareness

  • choreography where students learn compositional tools as well as exclusive PCDC repertory

  • creation in which students take the concepts and movement they learned to perform and share their dancing within an improvisational score

Dancers sitting in front of students at a DanceBreak Lecture/Demonstration

2)  Lecture/Demonstration

[45 - 90 minutes; ideal for auditoriums]


PCDC dancers perform excerpts of work from their repertory for students. The dancers then engage the students with questions related to the work, inviting students to interpret meaning, music, and space in relation to movement. PCDC also welcomes and answers questions from the students.

Students dancing on a field as a part of the PCDC DanceBreak experience

3) Residency

[5 - 15 days ; ideal for open rooms]


Residencies give students a chance to connect and learn even more from PCDC dancers. During a residency, PCDC dancers lead students in daily warm-ups with important somatic information and guide students in across-the-floor exercises that draw attention to balance, alignment, and mind-body connection. The classes culminate with a choreographic process that engages the students' creative and collaborative practices.

**Each program is designed and customize to fit your school and student’s needs. The day and time of each workshop can be built around what works for you and your students.

Click here for a PDF about DanceBreak and its offerings!

“They created a safe place for personal expression in our young dancers. It is a true community partnership that brings young talented people together to learn, have fun, and develop skills. In deep appreciation, we love you, Peridance!"

Monique Flores / Senior Program Director University Settlement

"I also learned a bit about myself. Most notably, the limits at which I can push my body in terms of flexibility and movement, and how much fun I can have whilst learning something new."

DanceBreak Student

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Peridance Contemporary Dance Company is an IRS approved 501(c)3, Federal Tax ID number is 13-3236256.

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Read more about our mission and Diversity and Inclusion Statement.

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