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Mission Statement

Peridance Contemporary Dance Company is committed to leadership and creative collaboration in both dance performance and dance education. 

The Company aspires to advance the performing arts by offering the public visionary choreography and strongly executed performances, both nationally and internationally, and by fostering an appreciation of dance as an art form. 

The Company works to provide a fair, inclusive, creative, and intellectually stimulating outlet for high-caliber dancers, choreographers, composers, musicians, and designers. 

Peridance Contemporary Dance Company is also dedicated to providing an array of educational opportunities for all students, including those in underserved communities and schools.

Diversity, Justice, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

We believe that inclusivity helps us thrive and create an American culture of acceptance and unity that will inspire other industries in New York City.

We (P)PRACTICE fairness in dealing with all members of the community. We (C)COLLABORATE with the communities that raised and support us. We seek (D)DIVERSITY in dancers, staff and board, and diversity of audiences we serve and inspire. We are (C)COMMITTED to uplift those who strive for excellence and help eliminate boundaries between people through dance.

In fulfillment of our mission to work and collaborate with ALL artists and serve ALL audiences, these values guide us.