I couldn’t get over the quality of the dancers and choreography. Your technical prowess thrilled me, putting you in a class with today’s major dance companies. 

Barbara Kline

I’ve forgotten how exceptional this dance company is. It was so refreshing to see the dancers and the amazing choreography. 

Fatima Wilson

I am amazed by the balletic clean quality of line from the dancers combined with creativity, uniqueness and vigorous style of movement

Hannah Phillips

Perfection Has No Dreams 

Meditations on the Imperfection of Life


Perfection Has No Dreams is a new work by Igal Perry for 12 dancers, with original text and music by Israeli composer, Ofer Bashan.


Perry: "We yearn for perfection while the only way to perfection is through the imperfection of all creation. Every step we take brings us to an unanticipated crossroad of endless possibilities, often elusive and always imperfect. So we dream and create and hope to, someday, get back onto the very path we chose in the first place, knowing all the same that ultimately all paths lead to an inevitable end.."

This program is supported in part by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.


126 East 13th Street New York, NY 10003 |  212-505-0886 | pcdc@peridance.com

Photo and video credit: Rachel Neville Photography and Nir Arieli

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