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Interactive Lecture Demonstrations 

This Lecture and Demonstration program is designed to give students an interactive contemporary dance experience that is current, informative and fun; promoting confidence in their ability to generate movement. 

The program is separated in to three levels, kindergarten through fifth grade, sixth grade through twelfth grade and adults (18+) - College and University students. We begin with a residency and conclude with a company performance that features choreography from our current repertoire. The daily conversations and thoughts from the students will open the conversation to a formal Q & A session. 

*Note: This program can be translated into Italian, Hebrew, French, Tagalog, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese by our dancers. 

Students develop questions that explain the depth of their thoughts in the choreography and conversation with the dancers.

Dancers engage the students through a performance and choreography exercise. In small groups students prepare their own choreography based on what was learned.

After sharing their thoughts with other students, the students will individually prepare their own choreography based on what was learned.