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Dance Break

Dance Break brings out artistry and originality of your students by giving them the chance to create their own 'spin' on repertory from Peridance Contemporary Dance Company. Provide your students with an exclusive peek into the Company's exceptional repertory and then guide them in transforming the choreography using their personal stylistic choices. Through this exercise, the students learn to feel confident about making bold choices, promoting self-expression.


  • An engaging performance of company repertory

  • A compositional dance class following the performance led by company members, which includes:

    • Warm-Up: warming up the body using isolation, rhythm, and spatial awareness

    • Choreography: breaking down and learning a short structured excerpt from the performance

    • Compositional Exercise: using improvisation and composition to create a new dance based off the learned choreography


Program Benefits:

  • A single two-hour workshop

  • Best suitable for grades K-8

  • Day and time of workshop built around the school and teachers' requests.